Suzy Fasht



I live by Dartmoor in Devon, having moved from London with my family.

The subjects for my pictures stem from what I see around me: Trees, flowers, hedges, wind in the trees, sheds, puddles, rain...  These are memorised or quickly drawn then interpreted in the studio with colour until they become familiar and the composition is clear.  Then they are used as a source for larger work. 

During the studio process the works become more personal, sometimes a narrative or private meanings emerge.   

I am very influenced by the materials I use and good quality colour and surfaces are really important. The feel and quality of the paint is really enjoyed when I apply it.  

Sometimes pictures are a real struggle and need to be put away for a year then I might know immediately what to do with them.  Some grow very slowly so I work on several at once in rotation.
A major influence was my tutor at the Royal Academy Schools: Norman Adams, whose work had such spiritual power.  Also another tutor, Timothy Hyman who guided me to look at particular painters for help such as the early Sienese painters and Pierre Bonnard.  
 "a gifted and thoughtful artist..... A moment experienced of place will be transformed over months to a strongly formal image...In her best work, an initial "prettiness" turns out to be deeply felt, poignant".
Timothy Hyman, tutor at RA schools




Goldsmiths, Art therapy foundation


Royal Academy Schools, PG Diploma painting


Wimbledon School of Art, BA (Hons) Fine Art


John Cass School, Art Foundation course



2017   Contemporary Watercolour, Bankside Gallery

2016   The Bowie Gallery, Totnes

2016   Contemporary Watercolour exhibition

2014   Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2015   Rowley Gallery, London (ongoing)

2011   Coombe Gallery, Dartmouth

2008   Somerville Gallery, Plymouth

2006   Whitespace Gallery, Totnes

2001   Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries

2001   NEAC, Mall Galleries

1997   Cromwell Hospital, (solo)

1997   Royal Academy Summer exhibition

1996   Royal Academy Summer exhibition



2008-present  Art tutor, Learn Devon, Devon County Council

2014-present,  Art tutor, Harbour House, Kingsbridge



1998-9   London Business School, year's residency




Cyril Sweett Award for Outstanding Post-graduate show, Worshipful Co. Painter Stainers


M&G prize for an artist under 35, Royal Academy Summer exhibition

Silver medal for painting, Royal Academy Schools

Creswick prize for landscape painting, Royal Academy Schools



Chevron UK,  London Business School,  Laura Ashley Foundation,   M & G group,  Northwick Park Hospital, Private collections


Exhibition History

2017Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
2017Royal Watercolour Society Open
2015, 2016The Bowie Gallery
2016Royal Watercolour Society Open
2014Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
2011 - 2017Rowley Gallery, London
2011,2012Coombe Gallery
2007Somerville Gallery, Plymouth
2006Whitespaceart, Totnes
2001New English Art Club Open, Mall Galleries
2001Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries
1999London Business School
1997Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
1997Cromwell Hospital
1996Royal Academy Summer Exhibition